Name : Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
Qualification : B.Sc (Agriculture) , BHU, Varanasi (Dairying) in Livestock production & Management, NDRI, Karnal
Experience : 20 yrs
Designation : C.E.O
Mobile Number : 8601873055
E-Mail Id :

Career History: - Academically Trained in Livestock and agriculture management and have conducted over 65 field level sub sector and value chain studies, Technical feasibility assessment for livestock based livelihoods. Started career in 1997 through campus selection and joining PRADAN. Joined Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) as a faculty member in 2004. In Feb 2007 resigned job to work on the idea of The Goat Trust, which was formally registered in 2008. Major working themes had been Livestock based livelihoods, Social Entrepreneurship, strategic management, organization development.

Name : - Mr Vinay Gautam
Qualification : M.B.A. in marketing
Experience : 3 yrs.
Designation : C.O.O
Wing : Marketing (Livestock Products)-Pashubajaar
Mobile Number : - 7570018555 E-Mail Id :

My responsibilities: - To facilitate the technological based trading activity with the help of Grading based classification and live body weight estimation of goats/buck throughout the project location.

Name : - Dr. Ashish Kumar
Qualification : B.V.Sc & A.H.(NTR CVSC Veterinary)
Experience : 3 yrs
Expertise : Veterinary Science , Artificial Insemination in Goat & Goat Breed Improvement.
Designation : Program Director (Tech.)
Wing : Research Technology & Innovation
Mobile Number : - 8601879250
E-Mail Id :

Expertise: - Livestock management & Technical manager

My responsibilities: -
1 : Artifical Insemination Technology incubation and pro poor tech development for breed upgradation.
2 : Esterous synchronization,pregnancy diagnosis/confirmation technology standardization.
3 : Worm load Testing and worm based dewormer adoption and health card management.
4 : Training session on breed, breeding, ES,A.I,Endoparasite Management.
5 : Developing training tools for A.I. and worm load/worm identification training.

Staff Details

Name Desingnation Mobile Number E-Mail Id
Mr.Sushil Shukla Manager MIS,Admin 8601025999
Mr.Sultan Ahmad Manager Marketing 8601487999
Mr.Barun Kumar Asst. Manager (Technical) 9576313895
Mr.Avinash Yadav Asst. Manager (Marketing) 8601875959
Mr.Ratnesh Singh Branch Manger- Pashudhan Bank,Mahmudabad 6388132746
Mr.Raj Kamal Asst. Manager (Marketing) 8601873596
Mr.Murari Kumar Asst. Manager (Marketing) 6206564066
Mr. Sanjay Roy Asst. Manager (Client) 6205412319
Mr. Devesh Kumar Asst. Manager (Technical) 6204910692