About Us


About Company

NN Breeds & Seeds (India) Pvt Ltd is a registered company with a mandate to enhance livestock financial and marketing services to various part of India and globally. It’s a sister concern of The Goat Trust.
In pursuit to enhance financial and market access to livestock farmers , Company intend to partner and establish Local Pashubajaar center and Pashudhan Bank branches, Company has been extending all support from training team/staff, designing product, product promotion, marketing linkages, monitoring of business, risk reduction process, financial capital to software based analytics for growth and sustainability of business.

Motto of company is to deliver quality breeds and seeds at most competitive price to user and ensure remunerative price to producing farmer through establishing innovative market channels. Company is committed to reduce information gap between seller and producer and develop efficient supply chain for livestock breeds and agricultural seeds. Company works through providing improved technology to select and reproduce high quality livestock breeds and seeds by rural farmers (mostly women groups) and develop efficient supply chain system to deliver breeds and seeds to other areas as per demand and requirement. Company have developed E-commerce site www.pashubajaar.com for linking seller and buyer across the globe.

Our Product

One of Company’s exclusively product is Livestock breeds with special focus on domestic livestock like goats/sheep and backyard poultry (Hen/Duck). Company provides integrated service of feed, housing design and accessories, wherever desired for small livestock. Company operates in delivery of seeds at door step of farmer through village based supply system. Company has two units – One dealing with Breeds and another unit exclusively dealing with seeds and supporting agricultural inputs

Breed Supply Unit

Our Innovations & Services

  • Production record of livestock
  • Live body weight pricing of livestock with adjustment of empty stomach assessment
  • Farmer to Farmer model of livestock Supply
  • Quality grading based Goat pricing
  • Lease & Contract Farming
  • Developing breed village
  • Risk coverage of mortality through small additional price
  • Web based order and tracking of supply
  • Health certificate by our qualified veterinarian

Seed Supply Unit

  • Door step supply of seeds through village based facilitators
  • Integration of knowledge with product
  • Option to choose seeds as per farmer’s experiences and willingness
  • Supply of quality saplings at competitive price

Product Rate

A list of company product, its rate and risk management charge is available on our website. However rate may vary depending on season and product status. A separate rate quote will be supplied to interested organizations/buyers.

Payment Mode

We accept direct transfer or demand draft in favour of company. Order is booked only after receiving 50% of estimated order amount. Balance payment is to be paid at the time of delivery of product.

Product Delivery Mechanism

As per Company policy, we book order minimum of 45 days in advance. Procurement team procures livestock and it is reared at our farm under expert supervision to assess health condition and avoid risk of any disease spread. Livestock are vaccinated for major communicable diseases. Each livestock is supplied with a detailed individual card where it physical details like length, breadth, body weight and breed history is maintained along with its liking and previous owner’s remarks.

Supply Centers

Company is striving to develop livestock supply centers across all major hubs and districts. However at present we have established our supply chain system at following places and can cater following states for livestock supply – Supply center Breeds available Area for supply Contact Supply center Breeds available Area for supply Contact

Our Suppliers

Mostly goat farmers, trained livestock Nurses, Rural Youths and small traders are our suppliers for livestock. Most often these are marginal or landless farmers but have traditional rich knowledge of livestock farming. Company supports and links such farmers with a remunerative market for their best livestock.

Landscaping, roof top gardening and balcony vegetable had been a growing fashion and need in Urban India. But supply of trained Human resources is real constraint. On the other hand youth from farming background knows basics of agriculture by default but not able to professionalise agriculture skills mixed with basic design and high quality pot agriculture as per urban demand.

Company aims to trend youths from agriculture background to acquire urban agriculture and livestock farming skills and helps urban agriculture growth in India from metroes up to small towns.

Our target beneficiaries are rural youths from agriculture backgrounds who can be trained from nursery to fruiting stage support in agriculture and hatching to brooding stage in case of birds. Presently we have largely trained rural youths on self entrepreneurship principle . We have trained over 100 rural youths till now and more than 60% of them are employed as service provider and around 20% had been engaged as self business promoter.

We are training men and women with agricultural skills to transform them to Urban agriculture. Most often agriculture as a tradition and skills are underestimated and they are diverted to other skills which is difficult for them to be learnt in small period of time. Here we are strengthening their traditional skills and making them professional for urban people.

They would have their dress, bikes and all tool kits. Integration of designing, tailor made solutions, supply of all inputs and promotion of backyard and roof top agriculture by efficient use of wastage water is hall mark of this innovation.

As a sister concern of The Goat Trust, we had trained over 7500 women as livestock Nurse across 14 India states. We have significant experiences and expertise. We have team qualified in agriculture and livestock management in place and have significant experiences on training rural women and proper hand holding support system